hello, you can call me sush or goddess or whatever
i'm forever in love with intelligent people, art, food,
every cat in the world, music and oyasumi fucking punpun

i enjoy looking at photos (beautiful people, pretty flowers, delicious food, interesting places and cityscapes) / some japanese stuff / any kind of art / awesome quotes // whatevever else i find interesting

“You reminded me why people get married and smile in all their pictures. You also showed me that making a promise to keep fighting for that person daily is worth it because without them in your life you have nothing. When you’re in love you choose them over sleep. You will waste all your time with them but it won’t feel like a waste because your soul will be singing. Your paycheck will be smaller but your heart will be bigger. You might gain 30 lbs because you can’t stop eating the chocolates they bring you and your room might look like a flower shop. You’ll take your allergen every morning because you won’t want to throw any of them away. You’ll be grocery shopping and you’ll smile at babies and you’ll melt over the old couples still holding hands. You’ll treat people kinder because you want everyone to feel the happiness you feel. You’ll plan a future and you won’t be scared. Maybe you’ll pick out a wedding dress and have your kids names all planned out. The texts will slow down and the visits will become less often. You’ll be crying instead of smiling. You’ll throw rocks at the old couples and pinch babies so they’ll cry. You’ll drink so much alcohol that you’ll forget your name, but you’ll never forget his. You’ll work out so often that you’ll be too tired of think because thinking means remembering and remembering means hurting. You’ll hug that toilet and kiss those boys because the only thing that mattered in your life was him. You’ll lose sleep but it won’t be because you guys are talking it’ll be because he’s holding someone else’s hand and every time you close your eyes you’ll see them. You’ll see him telling her the things he told you and you’ll be so angry. You might start cutting and you might ruin your life. It gets better. Eventually you’ll be able to sleep again and you’ll start doing things that you enjoy. You’ll taste tequila and not think of him. He will want you back and you will not go back. Don’t ever go back to someone who broke you. Someone else will come along and make you believe again. You’ll dance in the shower and you’ll believe in love again. Just hold on. Feel it to the extreme so you don’t have to go through it again. Remember stupid girl, everyone will leave enjoy them while you can.”
— It’s so dark I’m sorry

(Source: lipglossandpoetry)